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BowerGray is a distinguished brand comprised of a virtuous team with agents who have an inherent passion for property, the local community and its people.

We bring together unparalleled local expertise and personal service. You can be sure no company will work smarter, harder and more diligently to deliver a higher price and enjoyable experience. That’s why the team headed by James Hawley and Pip Wrench are proud to introduce BowerGray.

We work smarter, harder and more diligently to deliver a higher price

At BowerGray we pride ourselves on our superior interpersonal and negotiation skills. We’re committed to helping our valued clients achieve record-breaking results, delivering above-quality service through outstanding presentation and strategic marketing.

With years of combined property experience, We know our local market, inside and out.

When it comes to presenting your home to perfection we’re experts. We showcase your property to the broadest spectrum of buyers.

Our premium brand allows us to conduct carefully planned campaigns that gain maximum exposure for minimum expenditure, keeping your costs down while achieving outstanding results.

We pride ourselves on accurate advice, clear and constant communication, and marketing second to no one.


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